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time lapse of bud growing…so cool

October 27, 2010

United we will re-legalize marijuana across America.

Yes you read that correctly! Not only was cannabis legal, but the founding fathers
made part of their fortunes on it. Heck, it was mandatory by law to grow marijuana.
Yes, mandatory by law! So WTF? It's time to get back to our roots as a free people
who can be trusted to live life as our founding fathers (and mothers) fought and died
for. Wear and display The Bong Girl, the national symbol for re-legalization & you will
literally be supporting us professionals in regaining your rights to grow, smoke & share
nature's most versatile plant ever created. Thank you for your interest and remember:

GALLERY The infamous bong girl photo shoots (all volunteers). Proof that activism is sexy. BLOG Interviews, news stories and everything that matters today regarding cannabis. LEGALIZE Understand our strategy to legalize marijuana. Way beyond 10% donations. COMMUNITY Together we will make legalization a reality. We are the solution. NEWSLETTER Stay in the loop when we create new designs & products (The Bong Girl jewelry, etc). ABOUT The high adventures of The Bong Girl blazing down the open road for legalization. CONTACT Tell us what you want, think or feel. We make custom Bong Girl products.